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What does it mean when we say our tiny homes and cabins are "Built Green"?

by Recreational Resort Cottages on 03/25/17

One of the biggest advantages of buying a tiny home or cabin from Recreational Resort Cottages and Cabins is the fact that we build our tiny homes Green.  But what exactly does it mean to "build Green"?  It basically means a lower carbon footprint.  Our tiny houses use less energy, produce less waste, and consume less resources.  And the materials we use to build the tiny houses are not only environmentally friendly, but they are better and safer for you and your family. That means a higher quality of life for the owners of our tiny homes.

Our RV park model cottages and cabins are certified "Green" by NTA,  a green certifier for recreational vehicles as well as the factory-built manufactured and modular industries.  When a tiny house is "certified green", the NTA green seal is certifying that the manufacturer has used the proper materials, processes, and components to build the recreational vehicle or tiny home "Green".  When certifying a home as being built Green, they look at six key things:

Resource Efficiency - the use of sustainable materials
Energy Efficiency - renewable and clean sources of energy
Indoor Environmental Quality - attention to indoor air quality
Water Efficiency - the smart use of water mainly through efficient appliances and fixtures
Operation & Maintenance - owners are able to use the green features to their maximum effect
Innovative Practices - new and creative practices to increase green design, capability, and performance

Specifically, some of the standard Green features of our tiny homes and cabins are:
Recycled axles
Moisture proof house wrap
I-beam manufactured from recycled steel
J M's formaldehyde-free fiberglass insulation
Water save toilets, tub, and shower diverters
Quick recovery water heaters
Low VOC paints, both interior and exterior
Acrylic caulks
PEX plumbing materials (recycled with no solvent connections)
OSB roof sheathing
Gypsum panels (recycled paper)
Energy efficient dual pane windows
Choose from fiberglass heat ducts or an Energy Efficient ductless a/c and heat system

Most of our RV park model cabins and cottages even come standard with radiant barrier in the roof, TREX composite porch decking, and a low flush toilet.

Many "green" options are also available in our custom tiny homes.  We have custom built many for off-the-grid living and can prep a tiny home for your solar power equipment, rain water collection systems, wind generator, etc.

To learn more about how we build our tiny homes and cabins "green" and our NTA Green-certification, call us at 1-877-219-4059 or visit our booth at the upcoming Earth Day event at Fair Park in Dallas on April 21-23, 2017.  Our tiny towable cabin will be on display during the event.  Or come tour our green homes at 4384 E Interstate 30 in Rockwall, Texas.  We currently have over 35 models on display for you to view at your leisure - all in one convenient location.